My face in close-up.

Richard Blechinger

Web developer, designer, caffeine addict

wait, who?

Yeah, that sounds about right. I am Richard Blechinger, commonly known online as pretzelhands. I'm a 20-year old web developer and designer who has been working in the field since 2013. Before that I made websites as a hobby starting in 2011.

I love high contrast, straightforward designs which make their intent clear. This is demonstrated on this page of course. If a design is created, I think it should always focus on its goal. In this case it would be for you to throw money at me so I can show you how awesome I am at this stuff!

When I'm not designing and developing, I like travelling around and spending time with my family and pets. I also love coffee. A lot. If that sounds good to you, consider hiring me for your next project!


Of course you will want to see what projects I work on and have worked on, so here is a list of my recent projects and what you can expect when you hire me! Secret world domination plans are excluded here of course.

My writings

Living by the credo of “sharing is caring”, I like to write small guides and other helpful tips in regards to web development and design. Anything I’ve written you can find below. Occasional ramblings included!